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Invite your members to the “Elite” Facebook group

OW Elite - a facebook group for the most awesome roleplayers

I don’t know how well known this is, but we have a semi-hidden-ish Facebook group for the most awesome OngoingWorlds members. This is a place where we can discuss things, our games, roleplaying in general, etc etc. Group posts are hidden to non-members so feel free writing anything in there without your prying parents or curious work collegues reading.

The group is invite-only, and new members have to be approved by an existing member.

This is to keep the group just for cool people like us, like-minded roleplayers. Basically it’s to keep the riff-raff out 😛

Invite your favourite members

I find it difficult to invite all OngoingWorlds members because people don’t always use their OngoingWorlds email address on Facebook. So what I need you to do is invite the roleplayers from your own game. Only the ones you think will want to be part of the group of course – please don’t spam-invite people.

And only invite OngoingWorlds members! Remember, it’s for the “Elite” 😀

You’ll find the Facebook group here (have to be logged into Facebook to view the homepage).