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Coming up with placenames for your roleplay

Welcome to Funtcuck, please pronounce carefully

Whether it’s placenames that your characters visit, or the setting of your entire game, sometimes you’ll have to come up with a new name of a town or city.

Mithril & Mages – City & Town name generator

Choose a country and this generator will pick a random selection of real place names from a database of 5 million.

Settlement generator by Ennead Games

Chris Kentlea, veteran of Blue Dwarf has a great blog for roleplayers with loads of resources. This generator will create a city name, the name of country it’s in, the inhabitants, as well as some other stats.

Place Name Generator

This generates a fictional, but realistic-sounding place name.

Seventh Sanctum location/room generator

Generates a list of fantasy-sounding locations and buildings to populate the setting.


If there’s a great generator you use, feel free to post it in the comments. You also might want to name an entire planet, if you do – here’s some planet name generators.



  • threnody

    I use google translate a lot for both my name places and other names. For example, right now in Estrangement, for example I have a race of creatures called Apstraho, which is loosely latin for Abortion – which is exactly what they are.

    • That’s a great idea, it means all of your placenames/creatures etc will have meaning

      • threnody

        that’s very much the idea. Everything I place as a gm, I try to give meaning to, so my players can find hidden hooks and storylines.

  • Mrxanadu

    We (America) steal the majority of our town names from Europe, why the hell haven’t we taken Funtcuck?

    On a serious note, I actually do what Threnody does and use bits of other languages to make names. Either that or I literally just sit down and put randoms strings of words together to make something.

    • The image was actually taken from a comedy TV spoof detective show called “A Touch of Cloth”. I thought it was hilarious, so took a snap