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4 Reasons You Should Attend FallFest Tomorrow


2016 Simming Fall Festival
image by Myrkul Sharr

In case you live under a rock and haven’t yet heard, FallFest VI is tomorrow.  That’s right, on Saturday, November 12th at 15:30 United Kingdom / 10:30 am New York / 7:30 am San Francisco time, we’ll officially kick off the 2016 Simming Fall Festival.  Click here to see the current line up of events and how to join the festivities.  Myrkul Sharr and his leadership team from Obsidian Fleet and other clubs have quite extravaganza scheduled for us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Star Trek, Star Wars, or Dr. Who.  Or if you prefer chat sims, play by e-mail, or message boards.  If you’re a simmer or online role player of any persuasion, there will be something for you!  So what do you really get out of FallFest?  Here are 4 reasons you should attend tomorrow:

  • 1) You’ll get to rub elbows with many prominent members of our community.  In fact, some of the most successful and influential role players and simming leaders in history will be attending and facilitating events.  Learn from the best!
  • 2) You’ll hear about the latest and most innovative techniques and strategies for leading a successful role play.  Indeed, there will be multiple events dedicated to running better games.  Discover what’s working for others now!
  • 3) You’ll be able to role play with others from different clubs and genres.  With a diverse set of hosts and settings, you’ll experience a wide range of concepts and ideas.  Challenge the simming norms and help break barriers!
  • 4) You’ll have fun!  All simmers and online role players, regardless of rank or club affiliation, are invited to attend and participate.  There’s no way to energize your sim than to come back with a fresh perspective.

See you there!