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Terrifyingly Yours RP reaches 100 posts

Terrifyingly yoursGothic Horror roleplaying game Terrifyingly Yours is the first game on OngoingWorlds to reach over 100 posts. The game is set in the fictional Sweet Dreams Asylum where some patients realise they have special abilities, and that something isn’t right about the asylum.

The game is written in third person and reads like a gripping story that is created by its members.

The game was created by Duri Aspire, who I was able to ask some questions about her game.

What inspired you to create a roleplaying game?

Duri AspireI’ve always been into writing and making up stories, so roleplaying is an ideal thing for me to do in my spare time.

So why did you choose to set your game in a mental hospital?!

Duri AspireI don’t really know why I chose a mental hospital… Hmm, maybe I was having an insane moment?

Your members seem to post regularly. So what’s happened in the story so far?

Duri AspireCurrently, Duri, Alex, Melissa, and Christopher have escaped the asylum and are seeking refuge with Grandma B., but the asylum’s founder/head of staff, who they simply know as the master, is hot on their trail.

Was it easy for you to find members for your game? Do you advertise?

Duri AspireThe first member other than my self was a close friend of mine that I convinced to join because she likes to roleplay also. Other members just came along as the roleplay began to progress.

I don’t actually advertise as such. When I roleplay with someone that I think might enjoy the game, I suggest joining to them and they’ll usually go and take a look.

How do you feel that your game is the first on OngoingWorlds to reach over 100 posts?

Duri AspireI’m really amazed at how quickly we’ve grown and how fast the storyline has gone along. We’ve been moving fast and so far it’s been really fun!

The theme for Terrifyingly Yours seems to be gothic horror, how do you make sure it keeps the same theme throughout?

Duri AspireIt’s hard to keep the theme the same throughout the game because of the different elements that are added constantly by other players. Every time the game seems to be going down a road that just seems too off the theme I just nudge it back to the original theme.

What’s your experience with roleplaying games? Have you ever created a play by post game before?

Duri AspireOngoing Worlds was the first actual site that only focused on roleplaying that I’ve joined. Other sites that I use just have roleplay as an optional element of the game. Terrifyingly Yours is my first game that I’ve used the term play-by-post. Before I joined OngoingWorlds I’d never actually heard the term before! I had always used the term roleplay. As in, “Do you want to join my new roleplay?”

I think that if someone is interested in roleplaying that they should just go ahead and try it. The world can do with more roleplayers! Haha

Why did you think OngoingWorlds was the ideal place for your game?

Duri AspireThe whole atmosphere of Ongoing Worlds just seemed to draw me in. It’s just very calm and easy to use so I could get my friends in on the act easily.

If you’re interested in Terrifyingly Yours, you can read the posts from the beginning and join the game here.