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Abandoned characters

Leave a man behind
I saw an article on Gnome Stew with some ideas of what to do with abandoned characters. See the article here.

It’s inevitable, some people will leave, and their characters will be abandoned. What do you do with them? Keep them forever? Kill them off? Or allow other players to adopt them?


  • Jaxx

    This happens a lot on OW.

    • It happens a lot in any play-by-post game. It also happens in any roleplaying game, tabletop too

  • Benji

    “If there is ANY chance of hurt feelings, go a different route. This is only a game.” Yes. 🙂

    • Jaxx

      That type of thinking works when dealing with level headed people. When it comes to irrational people who won’t compromise or those lost in the world of make believe, it makes it hard to use other options. At that point its best to let them “take their ball and go home.”

  • Starlight Bloodhound

    Guilty as charged, right here….

    • What do you do with them? Kill them off, or keep them as NPCs?

      • Starlight Bloodhound

        It depends on how much they have been involved in the story, say if they are included in the main storyline, then they would continue as an NPC… But if not they just die.

  • Elena

    I use all these solutions, one by one, depending on the case.