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Dungeons and Dragons Interview

Hello again to another interview with one of our newer members that has been making waves with his latest game, Dungeons and Dragons. Allow me to introduce Daniel Penfold to you all, also known as Dungeonydan!

So for those who have never played or heard about the D&D experience, what is Dungeons and Dragons and what is it about?

dungeonydanDungeons and dragons is a fantasy based game set in a medieval style world filled with magic and monsters. Players are essentially heroes for hire doing quests for various individuals, defeating monsters and finding treasure. A lot of the basic framework I use is from classic D&D. The first post for example was a typical D&D starting point, a group of strangers enter a town and whilst there monsters attack. In addition we have a very diverse group of characters but between us we cover all the traditional D&D roles.

Where do you plan on taking the storyline? What is the driving focus of the storyline?

dungeonydanIn terms of plans for the storyline I have several threads I would like to add in for the future. At some point the group will be put in charge of a small Kingdom and later will do a Supernatural style ghost hunt. In terms of driving focus the main thing for me is that the players enjoy the game we are creating. I think now we have been posting for a while we should be able to get some character development coming out more in future plotlines.

Sounds interesting. What is unique about your game that engages compared to other games?

dungeonydanI think what is unique about the game is it’s freeform nature. If I was running this as a tabletop D&D game the game would be rules driven with endless dice rolls. By playing like this it allows for the game to be story driven and means we can bend the rules more. Certainly the recent death of an evil wizard by flying the dead body of a dragon into him is something that the normal rules would not really allow you to do.

I’ve never seen that happen in a traditional game, that’s for sure! What kind of things are you looking forward to?

dungeonydanI looking forward to the game growing and developing over time. It would be great if we could get some additional players. I would like if we get enough to maybe have two groups adventuring, either one good and one evil or multiple good groups after the same goal. Another idea I’d like to try at some point is to have someone play a recurring villain.

There’s certainly a demand for the more morally neglect here on OngoingWorlds, that’s for sure! Have you ever GMed a game before?

dungeonydanI have GMed tabletop D&D games in my time. This is the first time I have run a play-by-post game. I have enjoyed the experience, so much so that I have created other games on Ongoing worlds such as Call of Cthulu, Sliders and Time Tunnel.

Some shameless advertising, love it! So who would enjoy this game? Any requirements for joining the game?

dungeonydanI think anyone who likes role playing in a fantasy setting would like dungeons and dragons.There are no special requirements other than the character a player creates has to fit into the fantasy setting so for example you couldn’t create a character who runs around with an AK47 but as long as the character fits the world that’s fine.

Awesome, and does one sign up?

dungeonydanIn terms of signing up all a player has to do is create a character and then start posting.

Thanks to Dungeonydan for spending the time to talk about his roleplaying play-by-post game, Dungeons and Dragons.

If this game has interested you, find the link below!