Dungeons and Dragons Interview

Hello again to another interview with one of our newer members that has been making waves with his latest game, Dungeons and Dragons. Allow me to introduce Daniel Penfold to you all, also known as Dungeonydan!

So for those who have never played or heard about the D&D experience, what is Dungeons and Dragons and what is it about?

dungeonydanDungeons and dragons is a fantasy based game set in a medieval style world filled with magic and monsters. Players are essentially heroes for hire doing quests for various individuals, defeating monsters and finding treasure. A lot of the basic framework I use is from classic D&D. The first post for example was a typical D&D starting point, a group of strangers enter a town and whilst there monsters attack. In addition we have a very diverse group of characters but between us we cover all the traditional D&D roles.

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