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November Game Summary is Closed

Hello! Mike here to tell you that the November Game Summary is now open for submissions!

This is open for all Ongoing Worlds GM’s who want their game featured in the November Game Summary.

What do you do? Simple: write a short summary of your game (around 100 words please!) and submit it using the form below. If your game has unlocked a game summary, you don’t have to make a submission as I’ll simply use that instead. If you want a different summary than what’s up on your game page than feel free to submit.

A few rules: No writing about things that haven’t happened yet,  foreshadowing is allowed but only if it revolves around a current event. No writing about games that you are not the GM of. Even if the game is still active and the GM hasn’t been around lately, you still can’t submit a summary. In short: GM’S only. No opinions or personal stuff, just roleplaying please! One submission per game. If you are submitting a revision please check the box in the form.


The deadline for November Summary submissions is NOVEMBER 5TH. If you haven’t submitted by noon on the 5th than you might not be featured.


NOTE: The form has been updated to include the name of the game. If you’ve already submitted using the old form, don’t worry, you’ll still be included (I’ll use the URL to retrieve the name).


THE NOVEMBER SUMMARY IS NOW CLOSED-I will be leaving this post here for reference