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February Off-Site Game Summary

The Game Summaries started as a periodic article where the GM’s of Ongoing Worlds could show the world their games and what they and their members had been working on for the past while. Now, I’m rolling out the very first off-site summary! This is  a collection of games from across the web, from space stations to jet fighters, from Dr. Who and steampunk airships!

Feel free to browse the games, who knows, you might find something new to try! I encourage members from Ongoing Worlds especially to browse the summary. It might be a fun experience RP-ing with some of the other communities! You might make some new friends, you might even gain some new ideas for your own games!


Dr. Who: The Triple First drwhotriple

At present, our time travellers have arrived on the planet Freytus, where they have been captured by a group of soldiers… and a scientist who appears to be a future version of Romana. Why is the future Romana so cold and evil? The travelers will soon find out.


Fighter Ops fighterops

2015. Israeli aircraft destroy Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility. A furious Iran reacts by threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz. With the global economy in turmoil, an elite squadron of RAF Eurofighter Typhoons is deployed to the Middle East to assist in keeping the Straits open. As war breaks out, they will need all their skills to defeat a determined enemy.

Our fifth mission is about to begin, as 11 Squadron play escort to their Emirati allies as they attack a key Iranian facility. Meanwhile, a poisoner is on the loose in their airbases and the Russians are moving up forces…


Star Trek: Kepler Station keplerstation

In the aftermath of the asteroid strike that tore the Medical module from the station, the crew and residents of Kepler Station struggle to piece their lives back together and come to terms with the deaths and destruction.  Perhaps a ray of sunshine will soon pierce the gloom surrounding the Regula-class station when news of the successful rescue of Iari Eolical, Zachary Eastman and Doctor Cassiopeia Yale reaches them.  After three weeks at the hands of the psychopathic Romulan, tr’Rot, Cassiopeia and the Andorian-Human hybrid infants she had been carrying will be reunited with their loved ones.


Steamhawke steamhawke

The story so far: The sky ship Steamhawke left Seaport after being repaired and refitted after the sky battle with Sky Tiger, and sailed west to find the treasure. The crew landed the ship in a small town and set out with a wagon train to Columbus City. They were forced to stay in Kanesville, an industrial town, when one sailor was accused of murder. Now they have to leave Kanesville and board a steamtrain that has no intention of stopping at the station. Will the crew manage to get on board and finally make it to the city?


Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of next month’s off-site summary!