Contest Time! The 2014 Quote Competition!

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Today, my fellow Kazon, we stand on the precipice of what may very well be one of the most tragic failures of peace in the history of our world. As I speak, the gears of war are turning, drawing us closer and closer to a conflict that will no doubt kill thousands and devastate the region for years to come. God have mercy on us all

Kal Verner, State Radio Broadcasting Network Anchorman – The Steam Age

Who doesn’t love a good quote? They can be tragic, like the one above, inspirational, like the speech before a big battle, or monumentally ignorant, like a person making a speech about a topic they have little knowledge of.

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Mr. Xanadu’s Cool Tools

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The Xanadu Report

Who doesn’t love a cool gadget or app that can do all sorts of superfluous things? I for one literally have an entire folder dedicated to them on Google Chrome (Don’t you dare judge me!) A good lot of them are used for roleplaying on Ongoing Worlds. Most of them don’t actually contribute to the actual writing, they’re mostly used for expanded universe content (I wrote a rather lengthy article on that a while back). I figured, just for the fun of it, I’d put them up here for you guys to use.

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Mr Xanadu’s Inspirational Inspiration

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Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good idea for a post. I for one usually end up writing numerous copies of the same post before actually putting it up (I’ve also got OCD, but that’s for another blog article). Sometimes we can’t post because we’re lost in the stories, other times it’s because real life is draining us, but one of the all time biggest problems is because we have no inspiration. I don’t need to go on a tirade about how essential inspiration is when writing, because you’re all aware of it already.

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Expanded Universe: Giving Your Game Depth

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The Xanadu Report


If you’re in the Role Playing community, chances are that you’ve encountered expanded universe content before. flagsofTSABe if from your favorite TV show, a movie that you’ve loved your whole life, or a novel you’ve read a few thousand times. In fact, fandom games are part of a franchise’s expanded universe. As a writer, I tend to be obsessed with detail, so much so that for every post I’ve ever written there’s at least a few paragraphs of detail that got left out just to keep it within a sane amount of words (I say sane because my first Blue Dwarf post’s word count would have been up in the tens of thousands if I hadn’t regained my sanity and decided “maybe a novella doesn’t make a good post”, telling an entire life’s story doesn’t really work well). Continue reading Expanded Universe: Giving Your Game Depth

February Off-Site Game Summary

The Game Summaries started as a periodic article where the GM’s of Ongoing Worlds could show the world their games and what they and their members had been working on for the past while. Now, I’m rolling out the very first off-site summary! This is  a collection of games from across the web, from space stations to jet fighters, from Dr. Who and steampunk airships!

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February Game Summary

It’s that time again, the monthly game summary! A lot has happened since the yearly summary was run, fights, flights, loves gained and lost, and of course the strange plot twist that takes the game in a totally new direction. There’s also the addition of the off-site summary (which runs on the 27th). Without further ado, the February Summary!


A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall athousandyearsfatherlessnew

It has been only a few days since Elilajar set up home in Everwinter following his betrothal to the Lady Miriam Aoann, but already the hectic happenings seem to have followed his fiance back from Snowshore. The fearful assassin Jake Shikaku has finally plucked up the courage to return to the wrath of the mourning royal family, and his entrance is graced with the fact that he manages to heal the young orphan boy that had been found on the evening of Lord Shyron’s welcoming banquet. Yet Miriam still remembers the happenings in amidst the smoke of war, and Jake harbours dangerously unknown news from his own enemies… Continue reading February Game Summary

February Off-Site Game *CLOSED*

Hello everyone!

I’m please to announce the inception of the all-new monthly off-site game summary! This is a special game summary for non-Ongoing Worlds games so that off-site GM’s can showcase their work here on the blog! This works in the same fashion as the Ongoing Worlds summary. You fill out the form and submit a summary around 100 words in length, submissions that ignore this will not be accepted. The deadline is February 27th. Continue reading February Off-Site Game *CLOSED*

February Game Summary Extended *UPDATED*

Hello all.

The February summary game summary has been extended another week (it now ends on the 21st) due to the lack of submissions. I have only had one submission for the summary, that’s one game (not counting my own). Please submit a game for the summary, the original page with the submission form can be found here. Continue reading February Game Summary Extended *UPDATED*

February Game Summary *CLOSED*

Hey guys, mike here. So sorry for the late start but things have been hectic for me lately (work, school, getting sick and going down for a week). The February game summary is now open, and submissions are open through February 14th. The same rules apply as usual. Only GM’s can submit, around 100 words, it must be in by the deadline. Continue reading February Game Summary *CLOSED*

Mike’s Beginner’s Guide to Roleplaying: Making an Awesome Game

This is the first in a series of articles that will make up Mike’s Beginner’s Guide to Roleplaying

When we come to Ongoing Worlds as bright eyed new members one of the very first things we want to do is make an mike's guideawesome play by post roleplaying game of our favorite television/movie series, a game that we love to play, a book that we’ve read gazillions of times, or even something original that we’ve had in our head for years and never did anything with. So we rush to the Create a New Game tab and throw together a game, only for it to stagnate for months with little to no activity, leading to the abandonment of the game and eventually Ongoing Worlds altogether.
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