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February Off-Site Game *CLOSED*

Hello everyone!

I’m please to announce the inception of the all-new monthly off-site game summary! This is a special game summary for non-Ongoing Worlds games so that off-site GM’s can showcase their work here on the blog! This works in the same fashion as the Ongoing Worlds summary. You fill out the form and submit a summary around 100 words in length, submissions that ignore this will not be accepted. The deadline is February 27th. I have made the deadline longer because this is the first game summary for off-site games and I want there to be plenty of time for submissions. There will be a difference in the form, however. I was able to retrieve the game photos off Ongoing Worlds because most games have an image on the site. I’d much rather prefer to allow off-site GM’s to send me a picture that they feel would be best to use. So there will be a field to put the URL for a picture, be it google drive, dropbox, or off the web.


-GM’s are the only ones who can submit for a game. Even if the GM has given you permission I cannot take a submission from you.

-Summaries must be around 100 words in length, I ask that you keep it around 90-110, but I will be lenient to an extent. Anything exceeding 150 will be sent back for revision.

-Due by 2/27/14, no late submissions will be accepted.

-Please submit a picture for your game, if you don’t I will use a placeholder image (it’ll be the same for all games without a picture)

-This particular summary is for off-site games only. If you are an Ongoing Worlds GM please submit through the form here

-If you need to make a revision re-enter all of the information you signed up with previously, enter your new summary, and check “Revision?”

-This is more of a reminder. A summary is a short description of what’s happened in your game recently, including major character events, new plot twists, etc.


I am looking forward to all of the new games!