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Contest Time! The 2014 Quote Competition!

Xanadu Crest

Today, my fellow Kazon, we stand on the precipice of what may very well be one of the most tragic failures of peace in the history of our world. As I speak, the gears of war are turning, drawing us closer and closer to a conflict that will no doubt kill thousands and devastate the region for years to come. God have mercy on us all

Kal Verner, State Radio Broadcasting Network Anchorman – The Steam Age

Who doesn’t love a good quote? They can be tragic, like the one above, inspirational, like the speech before a big battle, or monumentally ignorant, like a person making a speech about a topic they have little knowledge of.

In our games, we often come up with some pretty cool dialogue. Be it a heated debate between two characters, a radio broadcast, a pre-battle speech, an audio log, etc. Sometimes, we write something incredibly profound, other times, it’s hilarious. But after it’s posted, it just sort of…lingers, especially as the game proceeds forward and the post gets buried under mountains of other posts.

So, what I’m giving you today is an opportunity to dig out that outstanding quote for the 2014 Quote Competition!

How does it work? It’s simple! All you need to do is pick a quote from one of your characters, in any game, and submit it to me using the submission form below! The panel of judges will be chosen at random (signup for judges can be found below as well), and will help me pick the winners!

The three top quotes will get awards on their OW profile and will be featured in a special article!

All submissions, however, will be featured on a special document that will be released along with the winners.


*The Competition is for ONGOING WORLDS MEMBERS ONLY.

*One submission per person. Entrants that submit more than one entry will be forced to choose one or withdraw from the competition.

*The quote can not be inappropriate, it cannot contain sexual references, racism, attacks on other players or specific characters. Profanity will be starred.

*If you submitted a previous quote but want to submit another, make sure to check the re-submission box on the sign-up sheet. The new quote will replace your previous submission.

*The quote MUST come from an Ongoing Worlds post from BEFORE TODAY’S DATE 12/09/14, any entries after this date would be unfair (people might be inclined just to make a post for the contest with a cool quote). Any entries with a date LATER THAN 12/09/14 will be discarded.

*The Quote must be from a character that belongs to YOU, you are not allowed to submit entries from characters owned by other players, even with their permission.

*The quote must be from an Ongoing Worlds game.

*The URL of the post must be provided, only to verify the quote. Any unverified entries will be discarded.

*The end date of the competition is December 22ndall entries must be submitted by then to be considered.


*Judges CANNOT participate in the competition

*Judges must be from Ongoing Worlds

*Judges cannot enter by-proxy (they cannot have someone else enter the competition for them)

*Judges MUST NOT INFORM ANYONE OF THEIR DECISIONS. If a judge leaks their decision to anyone they will be ejected, their decisions discarded, and a replacement assigned.

*Judges must sign up using the special form here


Good luck to everyone, keep yours eyes peeled for contest updates!