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A Round of Applause for our Squiddie Nominees

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing

The window for Squiddie nominations has closed, and my did we get some good ones! In addition to the high quality, I was surprised by the sheer number of nominations we received: 88 total over all three years. It’s quite a bit for our judges to go through the next few weeks!

I would also like to thank Nim for taking over as the coordinator for the Squiddies moving forward. It’s a big, but often thankless job so I’ll thank you: Thank you, Nim!

Expect to see the winners announced soon. Until then, here are your Squiddie nominees:

2020 (for actions & events of 2019)

2021 (for actions & events of 2020)

2022 (for actions & events of 2021)

* Ineligible due to to past Squiddie win
**Ineligible due to current service on the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors

Congratulations again to all of our nominees. Just getting on this list is an accomplishment in and of itself. Good luck to everyone!

How the Squddies work

If you do not see your nominee above, please immediately enter it in this form.

In related news, Nim and Malkfan have joined Charles Star, Leon Archer, Mister Xanadu, Tiberius Creations, Ken Gillis, Misty Diamond, Chris England, and myself on the Board of Advisors. However, Charles Star will not be a part of the awards discussion for the above nominees.