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Jul 14, 2020, 8:30pm by TheGreyCleric

Quint got back on the ship and pouted. She really wanted to examine that hive mind configuration of the droids. It was an interesting idea. Quint followed the orders of her captain and g ...

The Jedi are back in town

Jul 13, 2020, 9:21pm by red_sword7

After about an hour Rowan let out a sigh. He touched his communicator on his arm. “Red1” he said into it. after a moment the droids voice could be heard. “Yes, master Rowan” answered ...

dead end new beginning

Jul 11, 2020, 1:07am by Lily

Joint Post: Meleck, Red, Halvtand, and Lil Rowan looks to see who follows him. As he starts to pass the droids “hay bucket heads that's pointless.” when he got to the edge of town he ye ...

Chapter 10: The Demon in Chains

Jul 8, 2020, 11:44pm by RyGuy

There was nothing here. Just black. Adarasina was nearly immune to the sensation but if she wanted to she could feel the weightlessness that the prison granted. She had her thoughts and imag ...

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