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Summary: The Odd Ball Out


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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Rebel




Speak multiple languages
Skilled with a blaster.
"Can think on her feet"
Can read and write.


The Odd Ball Out

Physical Appearance

Always seen in brown or dark pale pink robes with the usual glowing eyes mask, but beneath is a petite girl with brown hair, deep blue eyes, odd animal-like ears, pale skin, and four metal limbs. Her arms and legs only look normal, but if one were to look closely they can see the crease where real skin meets false skin.


Quiet, yet mischievous and always using her "five finger discount". She can be sweet and friendly, but will defend herself and her companions at all costs.

She's a bit of a loner.


As a Jawa, her past is shrouded in mystery and she refuses to speak about it, but it is obvious that at some point she had something horrific happen to her due to her false limbs. She avoids the planet Tatooine the best she can because she is very different from most other Jawa's.

Special Items/Ships


Blaster gun.

Items/Ship Descriptions

Bracelet - A finely woven trinket with a beautiful ocean blue jewel on it in the shape of a teardrop that she holds very dear and is always wearing.

Blaster gun - She shoots people with it.

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Image of Jewel
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