Collision Course

Kantos tilted his helmet with interest. "For someone who is a pacifist that is quite the skill to have." He couldn't help but wonder if this jawa was gifted with the magics of the Jedi. They were capable of such feats easily. It was what made them worthy foes for the ancient Mandalorians.

It didn't matter though. If this Jawa was skilled in combat it could prove useful.

Especially since the stormtroopers came crawling out of the woodwork and began to fire on them...


Liden hissed in irritation as she deflected more blaster bolts and advanced on a stormtrooper trying to take potshots at her. She cut him down and then pushed two more away with The Force, sending them crashing into the trees before she glared at Serenity and grabbed the girl's robe and pulled her to her face.

"Run now or Mar's death would have been in vain!" She shouted. Then he looked to Keran. "We can't hold them all off, you know that. Tell her before I knock her out and drag her out of here!"

Keran sighed. "Liden is right, Serenity. Run now, to live to fight another day. A jedi should know when to make these decisions.

Liden released Serenity and deflected a bolt back at the stormtrooper who fired it and rejoined Jin as he cut down more troopers. "We need to head to that lake, Jin."

And with that Liden started to move, deflecting bolts as she tried to guide the group away from the incoming troopers and towards the lake. Not realizing that an unlucky Mandalorian and his new jawa companion were in similar trouble and the two were about to collide....

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