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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Padawan




She has force push/pull. Can use a light saber and can use the force to jump higher and sometimes move faster then a normal human.



Physical Appearance

Serenity is small for her age. She has long brown hair that she keeps tied up in ponytails with black ribbons in her hair. She has green eyes and pail shin. She wears the topical attire worn by the Jedi.


Serenity is excitable and enjoy music reading and light saber training. She also enjoys a good challenge. She is however sometimes unsourced of her ability’s.


Serenity was An infant during the war against the empire. She was talking to a small forest plant in the outer rim. There she was protected from the empire who was killing all force sensitive children came across. She did have a master however he was eventually killed by a sith inquisitor before the end of the war. She has remained on the planet hidden in sure if it is safe to leave.

Special Items/Ships


Items/Ship Descriptions

She has a blue lighter. The holt is silver with flowers and butterflies carved into the hilt.

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Image of Serenity
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