Follow The...Thing?

Ebony's eyes are wide with horror as she gets up and sees the being pick up Serenity. Just as she's making a new friend this...thing takes them away. The name across its chest is unnerving, but she cares little as she rises to her feet and grabs up Ort.

The ferret like rodent squeaks as he's carried off with her.

She slowly follows the being to a ship and frowns, eyes narrowing. Both excitement and fear send a chill down her spine as she continues to follow. If need be, the girl would mess around with the ship. By no means is she an engineer, but she can mess this up easily. More along the lines of a pilot, maybe she can convince the owner of the ship to let her help him deal with Serenity.

The whole time she will be plotting to get both herself and Serenity to safety.

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