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Summary: If Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were one character.

Dash Morgan

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Pilot




Tech Savvy (Building and Using)
Force-Sensitive, but untrained. Enhances Aim and Reflexes (not that he would know that).
"A short life and a merry one."


Freebooter, Smuggler, Scoundrel, "Hey You!", take your pick.

Physical Appearance

Tall, thin, toned but not muscular.

Black hair (shoulder-length and pulled back), brown eyes, tanned skin. Beard stubble that stubbornly refuses to become a full beard.


Charming and outgoing. Happy, go-lucky, 'fly by the seat of your pants.'

Typical Scoundrel.


Born early on in the Empire's reign, his parents were model Imperial Citizens who instilled in Dash a sense of patriotic duty. Days after earning his wings and becoming a fully-fledged TIE pilot, the news broke that both Vader and the Emperor were dead. A year later, after barely surviving the Battle of Jakku, Dash deserted.

Stranded on Jakku, he worked for the scavengers long enough to restore an ancient ST-70 Class 'Razor Crest' M-111 Gunship to working order (minus the weapons). Christened the 'Trailblazer', he set off into the galaxy in search of adventure, making his living as a freelance pilot.

Special Items/Ships

DL-44 blaster pistol
Multi-tool (for tinkering)
Modified Code Cylinder (from his Imperial Pilot days)

ST-70 class 'Razor Crest' M-111 Gunship - "Trailblazer"

Items/Ship Descriptions

DL-44 blaster pistol - Standard issue, self explanatory
Multi-tool - a modified hydrospanner that combines several smaller tools into one. Space Swiss-Army Knife.
Modified Code Cylinder - Hacked and modified to open any compatible lock, as it assumes the highest accepted authority programmed into the lock.

"Trailblazer" - As junked-looking as the "Millenium Falcon" and minus the weapons. Otherwise, a perfectly functional 'Razor Crest' Gunship.

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Image of Dash Morgan
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