The Middle of Nowhere

The old military-style base quickly fills the viewscreen of the "Trailblazer", a beat-up ST-70 Gunship, notable for its lack of the massive laser cannons usually mounted beneath the cockpit.

In the pilot's chair, Dash Morgan carefully brings the ship in for a pass over the base. He is young, early to mid-twenties, his dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and his young face adorned by a 5'oclock shadow that stubbornly refuses to become a beard. His eyes are bright and attentive, a must for a pilot, and he wears the plain attire of a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

He glances back at his passenger, an armored... thing that never speaks, but makes its intentions known by a vid-screen on its chest. Dash is unsure if it is alive; it might easily be a droid. Its glowing red eyes never move, but see all, and the bandolier of grenades and other equipment across its chest sends the message that it is not to be taken lightly. The butt of a massive laser rifle peeks over its shoulder, and a pair of heavy Mandalorian pistols hang from each hip.

"Alright, we're here." Dash says. "Dantooine, I'll even keep the engines hot, just as you asked. There's just the matter of payment..."

[HALF NOW. HALF WHEN THE JOB IS DONE.] scrolls across the vid-screen.

Dash sets the "Trailblazer" down with barely a thump. His cup of caff on the dash does not even splash (though there is a lid on it, just in case).

"Alright, half now." He says, holding out his hand. The being counts out several credit chips from a pouch on its belt and hands them to him. He counts them, then triggers the hatch.

"Good luck!" He says cheerfully. "I'll be here when you get bored and wanna leave."

The being leaves without a word. Dash picks up his datapad and looks over the holo-novel he is working through. He absently sips his caff as he loses himself in the story...

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