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Summary: "All will kneel before me."

Darth Liden

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Sith




Master at lightsaber combat
Highly intelligent
Skilled tactician
Highly Skilled in the Dark Side of The Force


Dark Lord
Grand Inquisitor

Physical Appearance

A towering woman clad in black with a thick black helmet covering most of her head aside from her lower jaw and mouth. Her skin is pale and her lips a deep black as if the flesh was dead.


A cunning warrior and ruthless. Her decades of agony have forged her into a patient and precise individual. Underneath her cold exterior is a literal sea of seething rage that she uses to feed her power, however it is tempered by an incredible level of control that makes her a force to be feared.


She was a young girl when the Inquisitors first recruited her into their ranks, and she proved to be more than capable as one and soon rose to prominence within their ranks. She was often sent to hunt down jedi and rebels alike and was very successful in her hunts.

However years of war eventually took their toll on her as she suffered many injuries, many of which required cybernetic replacements to allow her to keep on living. Such as when she lost the front portion of her skull during a duel with a prominent jedi which required her to be placed into a permanent helmet that supports her life and allows her to see.

These alterations have left her in a state of perpetual agony, yet while many in her situation would've gone mad, it has forged her into a being of incredible patience and willpower.

At some point before the fall of The Empire, she disappeared into the unknown reaches of the Galaxy. It is only recently that she has reappeared as the Grand Inquisitor with a sizable faction of remnant Imperial forces at her command. Her goal seems to be that of reforging the Empire and reigniting the war with the New Republic.

Special Items/Ships


Cybernetic Components

Personal Shuttle and Star Destroyer

Items/Ship Descriptions

Like many force users her main weapon is a crimson bladed lightsaber powered by a synthetic kyber crystal.

Liden is more machine now, than woman, with most of her body replaced by cybernetic components. Most of which leave her in agony. The most prominent of which is her helmet which is literally fused to her skull, keeping her alive as it also replaced a portion of her brain after suffering an almost fatal injury at the hands of a jedi.

Liden has access to some remnant Imperial resources and commands her own personal Star Destroyer as well as her own personal shuttle.

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Image of Darth Liden
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