No One Knows What It's Like To Be The Bad Man

Kantos regarded the droid's continued revelations of this girl with only a grunt. Pacifism in this galaxy was a luxury only the rich and powerful could expound upon... after funding armies and private security forces of course. And while he found it interesting that this little Jawa was willing to face the galaxy with such a flawed idealism, he had to agree with the crazy droid for once.

"Come on, my ship's landed not far by a lake, we can get out of here and back into space before the last of the imperial forces show up." He quickly packed his camp, all the while Ort hopped onto Jewel's head again and sat there, watching his friend do all the work while he enjoyed his new favorite perch.

Once done, Kantos guided them towards his ship, however the sound of distant blaster fire made him turn his head.


Liden looked to Jin again when he said her name. "No." Was all she said at first. Though the moment she looked into his eyes the rant she was about to throw at him fell to pieces in front of her. That handsome face... Even now she cursed how he somehow got under her skin. "Jin... just... not now..." She turned to start walking when blaster fire began to sail through the air around them.

Igniting her lightsaber she took a stance between the incoming bolts and Serenity. While the impudent girl would never agree to Liden being her master, she still felt the need to keep Mar's padawan safe... she owed him that much at least... "Run! There's a lake just that way!" She said, pointing north. "We might be able to lose them if we play our cards right!"

Keran hopped onto Serenity's back, igniting his own saber and parrying any bolts that threatened to harm his padawan. "Serenity! Run!" He shouted.

As the stormtroopers closed in, Liden found herself back to back with Jin. And she couldn't hide that it felt good to fight by his side again.

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