Jewel kept quiet as Kantos spoke, grimacing under his scrutiny of her. Despite his helmet, she could almost feel his eyes on her and when he began to walk away, she chose to follow. Carla hopped from her perch in the Jawa's arms, walkign alongside Ort and her companion.

Gripping onto her sleeves and tugging at them to keep the silvery metal hidden, she kept at a distance from this Mandalorian, but was always close enough that he would be aware of her. She could hear noises, hear the Storm Troopers in the distance, and even heard voices she did not recognize.

Despite all of this, she kept her blaster holstered and prayed she would not have to use it.

"Being a pacifist is not healthy in this environment, Jewel." VT stated from her pocket.

"Shush," was her only answer to the droid.


"As childish as ever, I see, Serenity." Jin'Lor muttered as he frowned and rubbed at the back of his neck. "Keran's right. You should get moving."

A part of him wanted to go right up to Liden and kiss her with all the passion and love he still had for her, but he worried that would be a bad idea, especially right now. His work, his past, and everything had caught up to him and he was constantly on the move to avoid hurting the people he cared for.

And Liden was someone he cared for greatly.

"Liden..." He began, but stopped the words before they could leave his mouth. No, she had to watch after Serenity now.

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