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Summary: Hey, friend! Let me help!


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Gender: Identifies as Male

Age: 50 to 60 (Depends on who you ask)

Group: Rebel


Droid (Very stupid one)


He's a portable tool kit.
A memory bank (Mostly about Ripper).


Idiot Robot.
Annoying "friend".

Physical Appearance

A tiny silver and blue robot that stands at about two feet. He has a yellow glowing optic.


Hyper, annoying, and never shuts up. He wants to help all the time, but is never sure of what parts go where. He'll spit out information like his life depends on it, even when he's not in trouble. As annoying as he is, the droid has a sunny disposition and loves to make friends.

(Note: Want information on Ripper, Creator, or Ghost, just ask and he will spill his guts...metaphorically. Maybe.)


Not much is known about his past, except that he showed up in Ripper's makeshift home and refused to leave. He has been causing mayhem and misery ever since, constantly getting in the way of most projects.

Special Items/Ships

His five antennae.
Box mouth (That window looking thing on his chest)

Items/Ship Descriptions

The antennae are basically for navigation and he thinks they make him look "sexy". (Idiot.)

The box mouth is used mostly to store things (tiny things), but he will occasionally shove actual food in there to "save" for later. (Just check it so nothing gets moldy...)

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Image of VT-L2
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