Jewel took a step back the moment she saw Kantos draw his sword. Turning her head, she spotted Jin'Lor and Liden, recognition instantly going off in her mind. "Dr. Venneroe!" She called cheerfully and ran over to the immortal man. Wrapping her small arms around his waist, she hugged him tightly.

Jin'Lor grimaced but allowed Jewel her hug, gently patting her back after letting one of his knives float with the rest. His blue eyes fell to the mandalorian, an unimpressed expression on his face. "Getting involved with trash now, Jewel?" He asked with a smirk as all his knives aimed right at Kantos. "Or is he a friend of yours?"

VT-L2 looked up at Jin and Liden and squealed happily, but that soon became a scream the moment the little droid noticed Keran. "HI FOXY!!! IT'S BEEN FOREVER!" The droid cried out and was climbing Jewel's robes instantly to reach the fox.

Carla sat next to Ort and just clucked, rolling her eyes.

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