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Summary: A noble, if small, Jedi Knight

Keran Jass

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Jedi


Fen'ek - A Fox-like race from the planet Jool


Powerful Force wielder
Skilled lightsaber combatant


Jedi Knight

Physical Appearance

A small fox-like creature with large ears.


Keran is a noble knight with a strong sense of duty.


Keran was an orphan who found himself on Coruscant after The Empire took power. He wasn't discovered to be Force sensitive until he met an underground group of Jedi attempting to start an uprising and bring the Jedi back into power.

However, The Inquisitors soon found the underground Jedi and wiped them out, with Keran being the only survivor as a young Padawan. From there he wandered the galaxy trying to hide from the Empire while seeking ways to uphold justice. He soon found himself on Nar Shaddaa after the fall of the Empire and decided to fight the corruption on the moon. He met Mira and the two came up with the idea to have her pose as a Jedi so they could fight corruption.

Special Items/Ships


Items/Ship Descriptions

Keran wields a small green lightsaber

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Image of Keran Jass
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