Shoot But Don't Look

Jewel gasped when the troopers began to shoot at them, her hand instinctively going for her blaster. As the jawa turned away, her weapon seeming to move on its own and shoot down multiple troopers all at once, Carla let out a hiss and spat her acid at them. The ones that got hit or were unfortunate enough to step in a small puddle of it were soon screaming.

VT-L2, with a surprising new feature, held up and arm that turned into a little blaster and began to shoot at troopers as well. He mostly hit knees and ankles, but it was better than nothing and did slow them down at least.

Jewel, though her aim was perfect and she took down each trooper she shot, never did look at them. She only stopped shooting when Serenity slammed into Kantos. "Who...?" She said softly, barely able to be heard over all the shooting going on.

Jin'Lor simply listened to Liden, his instinct to trust her always leading him to follow her. On the way, he continued to take down troopers, his knives cutting and slicing, taking off limbs and heads. It was a bloody trail that followed the small group.

And then he was cursing under his breath when he saw Serenity bump into someone. "Mandalorian..." He growled lowly.

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