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Summary: A Mandalorian simply trying to make it in the galaxy

Kantos Kan

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Mandalorian




Skilled warrior
Focus on blasters and swordsmanship
Skilled pilot



Physical Appearance

A tall man always garbed in Mandalorian armor with a large scarf wrapped around his neck.


A typical Mandalorian, stoic and focused. Fierce.
Yet seems to harbor a more caring side, as seen by his pet fercoon, Ort.


Was adopted into a Mandalorian clan as a young child and became a skilled warrior. After establishing himself as a skilled bounty hunter on Tattooine he was able to save up enough to purchase a ship and expanded his clientele.

At some point he found Ort, a fercoon that's become a loyal partner in crime.

Special Items/Ships

Blaster rifle
Particle magnum
Beskar steel sword
Beskar steel armor

Ship: The Mirage

Items/Ship Descriptions

Blaster rifle, primary weapon, long range blaster rifle with a sniper scope
Particle magnum, his primary sidearm.
Beskar steel sword for melee combat and combatting Jedi.
Beskar steel armor

Ship: The Mirage - A YT model freighter modified for defense and combat.

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Image of Kantos Kan
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