Jewel merely sighed and pulled out a blaster from her robes as she nodded. With surprisingly calm steps, she walked after the others as if in no hurry. It seemed as if she was unsurprised by these two acting this way.


Rue froze at the sigh of this man and frowned. "I could ask ya tha same thang, sugar." She answered and grabbed Serenity by the arm before she could rush into the fray. Her other hand tightened around the blaster in her hand. "I'm Rue." It was the most he would get out of her, for she was unwilling to let anyone know her past. The only one that knew what she once had been was Jewel and the little Jawa had promised never to tell.

Glancing back, she bit at her bottom lip. "We need ta go." She would not answer his questions, too skeptical of why he was being so violent.

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