Answers In The Dark

Kantos looked to Rue. "It's not far. I promise to keep them safe, and we'll wait as long as we can for you." Then the Jedi girl chased after the mechanic and with a heavy sigh he looked to the jawa girl. "Well... Shall we go after them to make sure they don't get into trouble?"


Mar pulled a hapless trooper towards him with The Force and brought his saber up to cut him down. There weren't many troopers left now. And suddenly he sensed a new presence. A hint of fear, but more of an air of determination surrounded this new person. But Mar paused, knowing this wasn't a stormtrooper or the inquisitor he sought.

He stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to Rue. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" He asked.

Then he sensed a more frantic energy, that of the young Jedi these troopers had been hunting, that the inquisitor had been hunting. And he waited for her to join them while awaiting this other woman's answers to his questions.

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