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Summary: A Jedi with a dark past

Mar Leto

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Jedi




Skilled lightsaber combatant
Adept Force user
"Information gathering" (i.e. Torture)
Considers himself an "okay" pilot.


Grand Inquisitor
First Brother
Was a Commander in the Imperial Fleet
Grey Jedi

Physical Appearance

A male human of average height with dark hair with grey around the temples and faint dark facial hair. Often seen wearing nondescript tunics and clothing which keep his identity as a jedi hidden.


A gruff and aloof man who tends to keep to himself. He is also filled with regret for his past crimes as a Sith Inquisitor and has a tendency to let this get the better of him when it comes to situations where people are in need of help.

In spite of that, he still has his darker moments and is often considered harsh yet fair.


Born and raised during the height of The Empire's reign, Mar was an aspiring Imperial pilot who was quickly discovered to be force sensitive and was eventually ushered into the Inquisitors where he proved himself an effective warrior. Serving Darth Vader and The Emperor for many years with great success until he found himself on the trail of a young Jedi named Tal.

His hunt for Tal brought them together on a distant jungle planet where the two of them engaged in a heated game of cat and mouse. Mar soon fell prey to one of the planet's many dangerous creatures and it was Tal who saved his life and nursed his injuries. Confused, yet intrigued, by the jedi's kindness the two of them survived for a time on the planet and grew to respect and rely on one another until an Imperial patrol passing through the system picked up Mar's distress beacon.

It was then that Mar realized he'd fallen in love with Tal and began to question his life as an Inquisitor. However, when the time came to make a decision whether to spare or capture Tal he was unable to break his old habits and sentenced his beloved to a grim fate at the hands of Darth Vader, something he will never forgive himself for.

It was soon thereafter he decided to defect, leaving his past as an inquisitor behind which painted a target on his back. Branded a traitor Mar was forced to go on the run and spent many years in hiding all the while learning more about the growing light within himself.

Now, he hunts his former fellow Inquisitors and Imperials anywhere he can find them.

Special Items/Ships

Green Cross-Guard Lightsaber

Prosthetic right arm

Emblem Pendant

Items/Ship Descriptions

Mar carries a green cross-guard lightsaber he's hastily built on his travels

Has a robotic right arm after a mishap during his training as an Inquisitor.

A pendant Mar wears constantly, is an ornate emblem, formerly belonged to Tal.

Mar's personal starship, an older stealth vessel he was granted during his time as an Inquisitor which he subsequently stole during his escape from The Empire. Age has not been kind to the old boat, but it has served Mar well over the years.

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