Stick Out Your Thumb

Mar nodded. "Pleasure to meet you, Rue. I am Mar." Then he saw the young jedi girl and frowned when she said she lived in the forest but frowned even more at the mention of his lightsaber. "Umm... I built it..." He sighed and looked to Rue. "Look, we need to move. There's an inquisitor out here and you two..." He was cut off by the arrival of Kantos. The sight of the Mandalorian caused Mar to ignite his saber, the crackling green blade illuminating the shadows.

Kantos drew his beskar sword in defense. "Who is this???"

"I'm here hunting Imperials and Inquisitors! Who are you here to hunt, Mandalorian?" Mar demanded.

"No one, right now." Kantos replied. "I'm just trying to get these three out of here." He gestured to Serenity, Rue, and then to Jewel.

Mar frowned and disengaged his saber. "That so? So you got a ship then?"

Kantos nodded.

"Got room for one more? I came in with these troopers, snuck onto their star destroyer, so I'm short one ride." Mar said sheepishly.

Kantos stared at Mar. "I'm not sure about this one..."

That was when a red lightsaber was ignited behind them. The inquisitor had found them...

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