So Many New Arrivals

Jewel was the first to see the red lightsaber and shot up her hand that held the blaster. Without thinking, turning her gaze away, she let out three shots and pushed Kantos forward. Her eyes were wide beneath the mask as she looked behind Mar, noticing the individiual walking up behind him.

"Good job, ol' boy. Got the inquisitors attention." A familiar voice chuckled as four of six knives rose up and shot at the inquisitor. "Little Jawa has more balls than you, Mar."

Rue frowned at the familiar man, a glare in her blue eyes. "Brother..." She whispered as she pulled Serenity away from the danger. Turning, she was quick to use the force - breaking a tree so it would land upon thier assailant.

Another chuckle from the one she called "brother" and the knives were stabbing through the air at their attacker. "Love to see you too, Rue." He said with a smirk.

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