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Summary: The sweet companion of Rue.


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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Rebel




Force Sensitive

Can shoot without even looking. (Think of River from Firefly)

"Five Finger Discount"


Little Rebel

Physical Appearance

A pretty pale skinned girl with blue eyes, sun kissed brown hair and rust colored furry ears. It is all hidden beneath her robes, though.


Sweet and friendly, but very shy. She tries to see the good in everyone.


Having lived as an outcast among other Jawa, she wound up becoming the captive of monstrous humans when she tried to sneak onto a ship. When they caught her, she got used in the worst way possible, even having all four limbs cut off. Found by a kind mechanic named Rue, she was built and given new prosthetics.

She now lives as a loyal companion to Rue.

Special Items/Ships

Her four limbs.


Old Key

Items/Ship Descriptions

They are two robotic legs and robotic arms that help her complete daily tasks and more.

Blaster - a simple black blaster she carries around for self-defense.

Old Key - An old key she found the day Rue found her. She sees it as her good luck charm.

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Image of Jewel
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