Three Against One

Kantos nodded and started to usher Serenity and Jewel back towards his ship.

"Good job, ol' boy. Got the inquisitors attention." A familiar voice chuckled as four of six knives rose up and shot at the inquisitor. "Little Jawa has more balls than you, Mar."

"Getting the inquisitor's attention was the point, knife boy." Mar said as he ignited his saber and flourished it as he engaged the inquisitor alongside Rue and Jin.

"Three against one?" The Inquisitor sneered. "And yet I am confident I will defeat you all and capture that young jedi..."

"I doubt it, this forest will be your grave..." Mar slashed at the Inquisitor, who blocked his attack and tried to counter with a slash of his own. Mar was able to catch the saber with one of his cross-guards and managed to get the Inquisitor off balance and hoped either Rue or Jin would leap in to take advantage of this.

"Dangerous, Mar..." She muttered, giving the man a simple glare.

Mar's eyes turned to the strange, clucking, girl and he cocked an eyebrow. "Yes. Dangerous... More than you know..."

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