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Summary: A Man Always On The Move

Jin'Lor Venneroe

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Rebel




Quick healing and regenerative abilities
Heightened senses and speed
High force sensitivity



Physical Appearance

A fair skinned man with brown hair and blue eyes. He stands at average height and is always wearing his old lab coat along with jeans, a simple dark shirt, and boots. A scar circles his neck and another follows along his spine in a jagged pattern.


An easy to anger and cold individual with a deteriorating mental state. He can be kind when he chooses to be, but most of the time he just keeps to himself.


Not much is known about him except that the Mandalorians want his head on a platter. He is well known for his genetics work and bio-engineering, but keeps on the move so it is impossible to keep up with him.

Special Items/Ships

Seven Knives
Small Leather-bound Journal
Metal spine

Items/Ship Descriptions

Seven Knives - laced with cortosis and extremely sharp

Small Leather-bound Journal - Full of his history, notes, and secrets. Always hidden in a pocket of his lab coat.

Metal Spine - The system he uses to keep himself alive and immortal. Disconnecting it in any way will cause him to collapse and he will have about twelve hours before he dies.

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Image of Jin'Lor Venneroe
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