Shoot Without Looking

Hearing the blaster fire sent a wave of unease through Jewel and she turned her head toward the sound. VT let out a few clicks from her pocket, a sign of his own discomfort, but he was far too sunny to truly be afraid. The droid had been torn apart multiple times by both enemies and allies over his lifetime, so he never truly worried.

"Maybe do that cool thing, Jewel." The little droid said. "You know, where you shoot them without looking."

"No," Jewel murmured and pushed the droid back down into the pocket. She took no pleasure in killing anyone or anything.

Carla clucked in irritation and cuddled up to Jewel, one of her eyes always on Kantos.


Jin'Lor sighed heavily as four of his knives followed his silent commands and shot out toward their assailants. His blue eyes narrowed with irritation. "I'm tired of idiots with guns they don't know how to shoot with." He muttered and shot out toward them, last two knives gripped into his hands.

Both taking and avoiding blaster fire, he sliced open throat, tore off helmets to stab faces, and easily tore open armor to stab these fools. The blood that splattered on Jin'Lor felt familiar and wrong all at once. He had become far more violent than before, far more quick to kill.

He just hoped he would be able to speak with Liden later.

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