An Uneasy Reunion

Kantos merely regarded the Jawa girl's story with a nod. "I am." And then VT erupted from his hiding spot and caused some chaos. The droid's version of the story making the Mandalorian's helmet tilt from the droid to the Jawa's cloaked head. "Right... Look, there are imperials around..." He looked to he stash of ident tags he was carrying. "Less than before but we can't risk another patrol finding us. I'll..." Kantos fell silent as he found his conscience getting the better of him. "I can help you get back to the spaceport if you want."

Ort chirped as he hopped off of the Jawa's head and started to rub his side against her legs, clearly liking her while he noted the ornery chicken in her pocket, chirping happily at the prospect of making a new friend.


Liden's heart skipped a beat when she saw Jin and she turned her face away to hide the blush that came to her face. "Hello... Venneroe..." She said, adding a bite of venom to his surname as she uttered it.

Her heart was torn between being happy to see him and feeling angry at how they had parted ways. She looked to Serenity and sighed. "Why did you run again?"

Keran blinked and nodded to Jin as his ears flicked. "Glad to see you are well, Jin." Then the fox looked to Serenity. "Once again, you give in to your fear... one day it may lead to the dark side..."

Liden crossed her arms and tried not to meet Jin's eyes as she grumbled. "We need to move... I heard blaster fire. I think those troopers got taken out by someone."

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