Loud Mouthed Droid

Jewel looked down to Ort as he rubbed against her leg, a part of her very aware that she should be feeling his actions, but she could not. Metal limbs meant there was a sense of knowledge being pulsed to her brain, but she never truly felt it. The metal only sent a singnal that told her something was there.

Sadly, she could not feel the fur pressing through the fabric of her pants. There was only the sensation of movement. Nothing more.

"I..." Jewel bit her lip, glancing about. "I...nowhere to go." The words were choppy, basic still difficult for her to speak at times. She knew most of the words, but there were times she could not get them out in the correct order due to being nervous. This man made her nervous, for she had seen how well he weilded that blaster.

Carla clucked, peering down at Ort with curiosity. She was not so much bothered by the creature as concerned for it. How was such an adorable creature surviving with a man like Kantos?

VT had other plans, though. Poking his head back out, he got an arm free and waved to the little creature before looking at Kantos again. "You look tough! Can you keep Jewel safe?! You should see behind the mask! She's really really pretty despite having metal arms and legs!!!" He practically screamed.

Jewel merely let out a squeak and shoved the droid back into his hiding place once more.


Jin'Lor could not pull his gaze away from Liden. The way he chose to leave had hurt him more than he would admit. It was why he left behind his seventh knife to her, a sign he would be back one day - a promise.

While still with her he had noted how more and more Mandalorians showed up everywhere they went, noted how they all hunted him. There was a huge bounty on his head and considering he was very hard to kill, it was preferred that he was taken in alive.

He had been doing a good job at avoiding them so far.

Liden crossed her arms and tried not to meet Jin's eyes as she grumbled. "We need to move... I heard blaster fire. I think those troopers got taken out by someone."

"Troopers getting taken down by a Mandalorian." Jin'Lor stated calmly as he looked to Serenity.

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