She Always Has It

Ort let out happy chirps as he rubbed against Jewel's legs, simply wanting to show that he liked her while he continued to regard Carla with swishes of his tail as if to invite her to come out and play.

Kantos regarded the Jawa girl's droid with an amused tilt of his helmet as he finally holstered his blaster. He'd never seen a jawa out of their robes before. Legends said they were actually hauntingly beautiful, while others claimed they were disgusting little runts, yet how this Jawa girl seemed to move, though he could tell her limbs were artificial the way her robe would fall on her betrayed the figure underneath if only slightly.

But as a Mandalorian, used to being around people who were equally covered in armor most of the time, he had a good sense of what was underneath.

"Well..." Kantos sighed as he fought with his own conscience and the fact Ort was clearly enjoying the company. "...You're welcome to join my crew for as far as you wish. I will be heading to a Republic outpost to cash in on this bounty and then from there... well I go where the bounties take me..." He turned and started back to his camp. If the Jawa girl wanted, she could follow and be considered a friend. It was up to her however...


Liden frowned at Jin finally. She became aware of the blade he'd left her, it was always in the same place she kept it, in a sheath resting on her belt, yet she kept it covered by her shirt. She wouldn't admit she held onto that dagger like the promise she knew it was. "A Mandalorian? Well that's just great..." She then looked to Serenity. "Finished running?

Keran looked to the forest and flicked his ears as he heard the eerily familiar shrill of a particularly ornery droid and shivered as undignified memories filled his mind. "We should move..."

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