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Need an autosave?

A woman looking miserable because her computer has crashed
One of the features that has been requested to be added into OngoingWorlds is to add an autosave feature for when you’re writing a new post.

I always find it risky writing any large amount of text into a textbox in a browser, so many things could go wrong. If your browser crashes, or just simply catch the ‘back’ button in your browser you might lose everything you’ve typed. This has happened so many times to me and it causes me to slam my fists into my keyboard in a fit of rage! It usually happens when I’ve written a brilliant story that’s impossible to replicate.

So this is why an autosave feature is incredibly handy.

So that’s what I’m announcing right now. And to be honest there’s not much more to say about it, it’s handy, it’s useful, and best of all – it’s simple! Your post in OngoingWorlds will be saved every 30 seconds, and if for any reason you go to a different page, your half-written story will still be there when you return.

The 'new post' screen in OngoingWorlds showing the post being autosaved

The feature has been tested, but is still brand new so if you notice any problems contact me and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.