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What will be… hits 200 posts (and shows no sign of stopping)

DavidOne of the most successful games on OngoingWorlds is What will be, will be… created by Izzy Stuart, it was the first game to reach 200 posts (and as it’s taken me a while to publish this article – it’s now well on its way to 300!), and has been running for 9 months. I asked Izzy the creator and GM, some questions for this article.


Izzy created the game 'What will be, will be...' in June 2011

In What will be, will be… there has always been a lot of drama! With the first section introducing us to characters such as Evangeline Turner, the nervous young girl, who finds herself diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, to Natalie Sans, a girl living in a foster home with an abusive carer. The section sees Evangeline’s situation with her aneurysm through, whilst looking into the lives of surrounding teachers and students who find themselves all wound up in it all. The next section expands more on the lives of students from all round the school, with everything from high school dates and dances, troubled students doing crazy things, to illnesses, pregnancies, fires, and much more! The third section was kick-started with the anticipation of the Halloween dance, as well as the two expecting mothers within the school.

I really don’t know what made What will be successful. I have a feeling it may be the aspect that its based around a high school, which is something that everyone can relate to, because the majority of people go to high school at some point in their life. Also that it goes into the lives of not just the individual that may hold the interesting, or eventful focus, but anyone who is around that person. It shows that although a person may not have a specifically eventful life, they are still a valued person, who has a part in everything that goes on. Whether that means they’re the captain of the soccer team, or the goth that sits alone at the stairs behind the main building.

I can’t really say what will be happening with the storyline in the future, as its greatly a team effort, and who knows what weird and wonderful things our amazing members will think of next? However, I can give a hint toward one of my characters, Maisie Howard, who was recently featured going on maternity leave. I can say that she will be making an appearance very soon with her knew baby son, Aidan.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how we got to 17 members! I will say that around three of them are close friends, and took an interest when I mentioned the site to them, and I think that there seem also to be a few members who have made characters and then not posted! However, they must have had some interest to join in the first place. I wouldn’t say it was difficult, simply because I have very little influence about who joins the game.

We will always be accepting more members. The more the merrier, after all! And to anyone thinking about joining the game, I would say simply not to be intimidated by the many events that have taken place. Your character does not need to know things that did not involve them, and since it will always be set around East High, there is no fear of other characters moving greatly off topic, and leaving you behind. If in doubt, simply revert to a school scene. And, of course, any members can feel free to e-mail me with any concerns they may have. I understand also if members are inactive at times, as I realize that people have busy lives.