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Member Izzy publishes book "Simply Complicated"

simply complicatedOngoingWorlds member Izzy and GM of the popular game “What will be, will be…” has published a book, making her the first published member (I published a story in an anthology but I’m not sure if that counts). Here’s the blurb of her short story:

Do you ever feel unloved? As if everyone around you was oblivious to your pain, and wish only that someone could hear your silent screams? Phoenix Hudson does. Her best friend, Juniper, has suffered from depression and various other mental conditions since the age of ten, and it has always been Phoenix’s job to stay strong for her, allowing her own mind to suffer. But now Phoenix has noticed a new guardian angel in her life. Will the love she feels make or break her fragile soul? For more about books go and check this.

I asked Iz what made her want to publish a story and where she got her inspiration and encouragement. Read More


What will be… hits 200 posts (and shows no sign of stopping)

DavidOne of the most successful games on OngoingWorlds is What will be, will be… created by Izzy Stuart, it was the first game to reach 200 posts (and as it’s taken me a while to publish this article – it’s now well on its way to 300!), and has been running for 9 months. I asked Izzy the creator and GM, some questions for this article.


Izzy created the game 'What will be, will be...' in June 2011

In What will be, will be… there has always been a lot of drama! With the first section introducing us to characters such as Evangeline Turner, the nervous young girl, who finds herself diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, to Natalie Sans, a girl living in a foster home with an abusive carer. The section sees Evangeline’s situation with her aneurysm through, whilst looking into the lives of surrounding teachers and students who find themselves all wound up in it all. The next section expands more on the lives of students from all round the school, with everything from high school dates and dances, troubled students doing crazy things, to illnesses, pregnancies, fires, and much more! The third section was kick-started with the anticipation of the Halloween dance, as well as the two expecting mothers within the school. Read More


Spotlight on Pure White Moon's character: Piper Keller

Piper KellerPure White Moon is a roleplaying game set in a parallel London, where Vampires and Werewolves prowl the streets at night. But the twist is, that these are the good guys, killing only the true madmen lurking the streets and keeping the population safe. However, people known as “The Hunters” are hunting down these immortal creatures.

Players of this game are encouraged to create a character as either a Vampire, Werewolf or Hunter. So far the game has been going since October. I asked Izzy, a member of Pure White Moon who plays Piper Keller, a trained Hunter who doesn’t understand the immortals, and wants only one thing – to destroy them all. Read More


Flashback story – Maisie Howard

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It was written by Izzy Stuart for the game What will be, will be on OngoingWorlds

Maisie Howard

Maisie smiled as she looked to her student. Saturday, it was finally Saturday. Luckily for her she could go back to school on Monday. Be a teacher again. She was pleased for the time off, but she missed her work. She missed what the students thought of her. And as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she missed the excitement.

“It was…nice to see you Natalie.” she smiled. Although she wanted to talk to her more, she was tired, so was Natalie, and they were both heading home.

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Interview with Izzy and her game 'What will be, will be…'

With all the fuss over Flashback week, and judging the competition, I didn’t notice that the roleplaying game What will be, will be… has now surpassed 100 posts, only the 3rd game on OngoingWorlds that has reached this landmark (see the interview with Duri from Terrifyingly Yours whose game surpassed 100 posts in march). So I interviewed Izzy, who started the game in June and asked her about the game and where it’s going next.

What inspired you to create a roleplaying game?

IzzyI’ve always enjoyed writing fiction and such like for fun, and when I discovered OngoingWorlds I thought it would be awesome to create a game and see what people thought of the idea and what they would do with the story.

I set my game in a school as I am currently still in High School, and as I bore in several lessons I often start day dreaming about things that would make my school day more interesting. I thought it would be fun in some way to go through the lives of both teachers and students in a school and remind everyone that what you see isn’t always the full story, whether its an awkward school girl, or an annoying teacher.

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