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StatCat – The busiest roleplayers this year so far…

Statcat“Who is this stat cat“, you might ask?

Well he’s a feline with all the info, like a furry statistician. He’s given me a list of the most prolific roleplayers on OngoingWorlds in 2014 so far (he coughed it up onto my lap like a furball).

Here’s the top 10:

Celticlady 445 posts
Thayr 380 posts
Sairento 324 posts
nightsscarling 314 posts
Eve_L 282 posts
MrXanadu 226 posts
LukeHerberd 221 posts
Tear of Blood 187 posts
Jaxx 171 posts
Tiberius Creations 168 posts

Wow, well done Celticlady, that’s a lot of posts!

For those not on this list, don’t worry – it’s about quality, not quantity!

Thanks StatCat. Go lie down. Oh you are already? Good cat.