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StatCat – The busiest roleplayers this year so far…

Statcat“Who is this stat cat“, you might ask?

Well he’s a feline with all the info, like a furry statistician. He’s given me a list of the most prolific roleplayers on OngoingWorlds in 2014 so far (he coughed it up onto my lap like a furball).

Here’s the top 10:

Celticlady 445 posts
Thayr 380 posts
Sairento 324 posts
nightsscarling 314 posts
Eve_L 282 posts
MrXanadu 226 posts
LukeHerberd 221 posts
Tear of Blood 187 posts
Jaxx 171 posts
Tiberius Creations 168 posts

Wow, well done Celticlady, that’s a lot of posts!

For those not on this list, don’t worry – it’s about quality, not quantity!

Thanks StatCat. Go lie down. Oh you are already? Good cat.

  • Mobius64

    I like how the lowest on the list is still more than my entire time of RPing

    • Really? Well you better get cracking, so you can be on next month’s StatCat article 🙂
      But don’t worry about it, like I said it’s about quality, not quantity. Some games move faster than others and so require more posts (otherwise your character gets left behind). Some people can handle faster games than others, depending on how much free time you have. Some games are different of course, and have a slower pace. Neither’s right or wrong.

      • Tiberius Creations

        I agree with quality not quantity. I’ve noticed that a recurring trend around OW with newer games are shorter posts around a paragraph or two. I’m not saying it’s bad and people should write novella length posts, but detail is key in a post. And if the short posts are connected with others say a back and forth between two members or two characters, maybe they should do a co-write with the other members. I find that to be really efficient too.

        • Tiberius Creations

          And I think busiest would mean more planning of posts not just posts themselves. Or just game management. But then again you can’t really measure that you can ask someone but the answers from most would be “Yeah I worked pretty hard.” Unless someone is keeping minutes, which would not be a bad thing to do.

        • Angfaulith

          I heartily agree Mr. Tib. I also have an aversion to short posts as they just don’t add much to the gameworld, with only a paragraf or two you cant really react to preveous posts and make a living game environment. I often co write with others and I find google doc to be an exelent tool for this.

      • Andy Locke

        I’d say it’s about quality *and* quantity

        it’d be interesting to see a list ranked by word count

  • Celticlady

    Neat I hadn’t realized that I had posted so many times. XD

  • Thayr

    Dang…..only 380 posts. Good job, peoples

  • Mrxanadu

    I don’t write short posts….I have an aversion to writing posts that are shorter than a few paragraphs unless it’s OOC. The fact that I was able to churn out a few hundred is….surprising.

    Still, like Dave said, it’s the quality that matters. Sure, you can churn out hundreds of posts, but did the posts actually mean anything? Were they well thought out posts spanning a few paragraphs, or a single sentence post just to let everyone know you exist?

  • Starlight Bloodhound

    Wonder if maybe one day the site will get a statcat page, where you can check the top 10 and see how many you have

    • Starlight Bloodhound

      Just a thought!