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Member Izzy publishes book "Simply Complicated"

simply complicatedOngoingWorlds member Izzy and GM of the popular game “What will be, will be…” has published a book, making her the first published member (I published a story in an anthology but I’m not sure if that counts). Here’s the blurb of her short story:

Do you ever feel unloved? As if everyone around you was oblivious to your pain, and wish only that someone could hear your silent screams? Phoenix Hudson does. Her best friend, Juniper, has suffered from depression and various other mental conditions since the age of ten, and it has always been Phoenix’s job to stay strong for her, allowing her own mind to suffer. But now Phoenix has noticed a new guardian angel in her life. Will the love she feels make or break her fragile soul? For more about books go and check this.

I asked Iz what made her want to publish a story and where she got her inspiration and encouragement.

IzzyI’ve always wanted to publish something, and have 3 ongoing projects at the moment, and this was the smallest.

I would say that I got a little inspiration from Brittany’s character Natalie, on the theme of abuse, but not much more. The main inspiration came from stories I’d read on experience project, and a personal input of love.

and Katie and Jess, (kathxx13 and lollingpingu) are two of my closest friends, and were actually the only people who even knew I was writing it, so they gave me encouragement as they usually do 🙂

Izzy’s story is available in ePub format from, and you can find it by clicking here.