Give your members an award for taking part in First Person Fortnight

I’ve been encouraging roleplayers to take part in First Person Fortnight, just for something a bit different, and after writing in first person myself I realised how difficult it can be! So I thought it’d be great to reward members who are joining in with an award.

I’ve already given members of my game (Blue Dwarf) a special award for taking part, and I think it’d be great if other GMs and moderators did the same too!

If you’re not sure how to give an award, I’ve recorded this video to show you how!

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David Ball

David is a web developer, and the creator of OngoingWorlds

  • I think your video doesn’t help me much, but I’ll give the one member who participated a prize, and he will have the button “contest winner” in his signature.

    • Hi Elena, yeah my video is aimed at GMs of games on OngoingWorlds, but I think members everywhere should be rewarded, with whatever reward mechanisms you use. Cupcakes perhaps?