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#Multiverse IRC event will be back next year

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the 4 day IRC event called #Multiverse. The event was to bring the IRC roleplaying community together and to grow it.

The community you see on DarkMyst is the best collaboration and community of players that many have ever seen amongst IRC role-playing community.

It’s an amazing group of talented and friendly people. Bringing folks together and creating the effort that you see was risky and an incredible challenge to do but it has worked out quite well and has been part of a massive and on-going plan to bring renewed interest and growth to the community.

Ryan, Network Coordinator, DarkMyst IRC Network

The event was a success, and is now going to be a permanent fixture for DarkMyst. The event was organised by Ryan, who had this to say afterwards.

I wanted to thank everyone that attended and helped organize #Multiverse. It was another success and folks had a lot of fun. We’ll be hosting another one in the future – probably once or twice a year, so stay tuned for more info.

Ryan, Network Coordinator, DarkMyst IRC Network

I asked Ryan a few questions about the #Multiverse event.

Was the Multiverse event as popular as you’d expected?

Well, this is our second launch of the Multiverse event and we wound up with approximately the same amount of players as last time. The event is definitely popular, but we’ll probably make changes to the next event such as starting it on a Friday night again and reducing the amount of channels folks can play in.

Do you think this helped to improve the roleplaying community?

Multiverse definitely has a positive impact since players get to meet other players that they typically do not engage in roleplaying. It brings the community together with a common goal, and encourages folks to have fun and socialize with one another.

Do you think you brought more people into roleplaying that weren’t roleplayers already?

Both Multiverse events have introduced chat-based roleplaying to players who have never tried it. Some were players in games such as WoW, Ultima Online, or forum-based creative writing, while others were entirely new to the concept.

Will you do an event similar to this in the future?

Multiverse will likely continue to be an annual or bi-annual event, depending on the demand of the players and game owners on DarkMyst.

Events like this are definitely helping to bring more people into roleplaying, although it’s still an uphill struggle. Ryan mentioned they had the same amount as last time, meaning that the popularity of the event isn’t exactly snowballing.

If you’re a roleplayer you can do your part to help promote events like these just by telling your friends, and announcing it through your social networks and forums.

If you took part in Multiverse, why not tell us how you thought the event went on the comments below.