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Mug shots

As OngoingWorlds’ community has grown, I’ve sent out mugs to various people, some for donating to our running costs, some for competitions, and some for doing cool stuff.

Here’s John Garcia who writes Jaxx in Blue Dwarf:

John Garcia with mug

Here’s Xexes (or his dog I assume), who was sent a mug for donating:

Xexes with ongoingworlds mug

And here’s Becca and SMAndy, long-time veterans of Blue Dwarf.

Becca and SMAndy from Blue Dwarf

If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen that I like to do a “virtual cheers” to everyone who takes a photo of their mug.

Here’s a virtual cheers with Andy Longman from Blue Dwarf:

David Ball holding up mug for virtual cheers with Andy Longman from Blue Dwarf

Here’s a virtual cheers to Tib:

Virtual cheers with Tib

Here’s a virtual cheers with Chris Kentlea:

Virtual cheers with Chris Kentlea

If you’d like to donate to our running costs, visit the donate page here.

  • Mobius64

    Ah, now I know what some of these mysterious faceless people that I roleplay with look like.

    • Shall I create a thread where we’re all encouraged to post photos of ourselves in the comments?
      Or we just befriend each other on Facebook I guess!

      • Mobius64

        Ha, I don’t even have a photo of myself on my Facebook!

      • Tiberius Creations

        Question, do the pictures of us have to be pictures of us or can I use royalty free stock photos?

        • 1An0maly1

          You forgot to specify, can we purchase a mug for a certain donation amount?

          • Normally I’ll send you a mug if you donate a 1/3 of a year’s hosting ($85) but I promised a while ago to send one to the next 3 people to donate over $25 and so far only 2 have.

        • No that’s just sinister!

    • Mobius

      Under the laws of the Genever convention I’m not allowed to show my real face in public or t’interweb :-p

  • Longman

    You muggin me off?

    • I don’t even know what that means!

      • Longman

        Northern monkey!!