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Spotlight on Pure White Moon's character: Piper Keller

Piper KellerPure White Moon is a roleplaying game set in a parallel London, where Vampires and Werewolves prowl the streets at night. But the twist is, that these are the good guys, killing only the true madmen lurking the streets and keeping the population safe. However, people known as “The Hunters” are hunting down these immortal creatures.

Players of this game are encouraged to create a character as either a Vampire, Werewolf or Hunter. So far the game has been going since October. I asked Izzy, a member of Pure White Moon who plays Piper Keller, a trained Hunter who doesn’t understand the immortals, and wants only one thing – to destroy them all.

Why did you choose that photo for Piper?

IzzyThe picture used for Piper is Avril Lavigne, this is as I think its a great picture to portray the character. I think it works that its caught at an odd angle showing only some of the face in a darkened light, giving the impression that she is somewhat mysterious.

Piper’s biography says she can survive “almost anything”, is she invincible?

IzzyPiper can survive ‘almost’ anything, meaning that her skills and training are very high, yet she is not immortal, and can die. Yet, unlike other humans, she is much less likely to die from say falling from a great height, or disease.

Piper is a hunter, could you explain how she became such a good hunter?

IzzyPiper has worked her way up to becoming a good fighter throughout her life. She was always jealous of her brothers being able to train with her father when she was a young child, and began practising what she had observed in secret. When her home was attacked, and her mother killed, her brothers moved on to search greater for the immortals who had killed her mother, however, Piper took this as an opportunity to show her father her skills. She was born with a natural talent of learning such things easily, and had practices enough to reach great heights.

What has been the biggest challenge that Piper has faced so far in the story of Pure White Moon?

IzzyPiper hasn’t had many appearances yet, although from what she has been in I would say that the first kill she made in ‘The Hunt Begins’ was probably the most she has had to work so far.

Where did you come up with the idea for Piper’s character?

IzzyThe idea behind Piper’s character was not inspired by one particular thing. I suppose she is the creation of many observations of the basic strong female heroine.

Do you find it easy writing about Piper or is it a challenge?

IzzyWriting about Piper can be difficult, as she has to be present, yet she can’t be too close on the trail of the other immortal characters, or alternatively be being watched too closely by them. So, I suppose the ideas can be easy, but to keep it in with the story can be challenging.

Piper is obviously a bit of a tough girl. Does she get along with other characters in the game?

IzzyYes, piper is definitely tough! I try to make it that she is somewhat difficult to get along with, as she was brought up with such strong opinions to what is right and wrong in a world full of the immortals. She will make a close friend at some point, or at least somebody close, mainly to show that although she is tough, she is also still human.

Does Piper have any feud with any other character in the game?

IzzyPiper’s main enemies are the immortals, although I do believe that it is possible for her to listen to them, and possibly even refrained from killing one… If the story opportunity was right.

Are there any unexplained mysteries about Piper’s background history, and are you going to explain these one day in a flashback?

IzzyThere are a lot of details about Piper’s past that will all be explained in due course.

Does Piper have any romantic interest in any other character in the game, or is this something that might come later?

IzzyI am thinking of possibly swaying into a romance with a character, whether they are male or female, immortal or human, is yet to be decided.

Thanks Izzy!