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Tib’s Corner – Chat Ettiquette #LikeaTib

TIBBsWhy hello there Ongoing Worlds. Tibby here. If you haven’t noticed, OW has gotten a new Chat Room. Sadly, our buddy Cbox is no longer with us. We have a new fangled chat box thingy! The new one is called Chat Wing which Dave has been so nice to add. Now Chat Wing is great, many new features that Cbox never had. Since the chat is a little different I thought I might do a little bit on chat ettiquette! Now I’m not saying we’re all horrible, it’s just that we need a refresher once in a while! So let’s learn some manners!TC1

Now this is Chat Wing, our *new fangled city folk like chat machine equipment [*THAT’S BEEN COINED BY ME! THAT’S MY FANCY TERM!] Chat Wing has some great features such as we don’t have to constantly spam the refresh button to see what our friends have said and we know how many are in the chat room! Looks pretty nice right? Be sure to thank Dave! Now let’s begin ettiquette. First, let’s do the Do-Nots of Chat Wing



The Do Nots of Chat Wing


TC2Now this is annoying. We all absolutely hate this. Spamming is of course is repeatedly writing something whether it’s unrelated to your topic or not. This is rude to other people who are currently in the Chat Box. Someone could be having a very important conversation or just a regular conversation and along comes a Giddlysmooch who spams. They keep popping up and with the new automatic refresh they will block anyone who tries to talk. Plus if you have the sound on you’ll keep getting a constant pinging sound that will soon drive you to murderous rage. So be mindful, 1-2 lines is okay. 1,000 lines are not okay. Finish your thought in a posts.


TC3None of us should be guilty for this! Especially for dating sites. Scamming is bad, it can also be annoying and it can be counted as spamming. Don’t advertise anything non-OW related. If it’s a game, advertise it but don’t constantly badger people on joining it. Advertising OW events such as our current event “First Person Fortnight.” Is okay but make sure it’s okay with an administrator or Dave.


TC4This is universal for every single chat room in the world. DO NOT STALK. It’s creepy, weird, and a violation of someone’s privacy. I shouldn’t have to go into much detail about it because we should no not to do this.

About the don’t’s of Chat Ettiquette. If any of this is happening, please do not hesistate to email someone and tell them about it. If you catch anyone who you’re in a game with doing any of it; Try and email your GM or email Dave. Let’s try and keep the weirdy’s out of Chat Wing.

The Do’s of Chat Wing

CENSORING: One thing that Chat Wing does not have is automatic censors. Please, if you have to say it [you really shouldn’t have to] use asterisks. There is a strike through function but just use asterisks or symbols, like F***! or F#%$!

POLITENESS: Be polite to the other people around you, we’re all OW members! If you’re having a bad day leave it at the door. This is a place of having fun! Hang Out! Be with friends! Not deal with any grumpy Giddlysmoochs.

NEVER USE A FAKE NAME: Do not post under a fake name. People need to know who you are. Joking around is okay but then it borders on crossing the line and becoming too much.

Well there we are, just some simple and easy things to follow for Chat Wing! The next interview should be up soon so keep an eye out! If you have something you want to add or just say post it in the comments below. And on an unrelated topic, I’ve succumber to severe peer pressure and I’ve gotten a twitter! Follow @TiberiusStudios on twitter and tweet today’s post to other OW members! This post was #LikeaTib.

Alright, that’s all I have time for! [Seriously, why do I say this? It’s not TV.] Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing OW! TIB OUT!